A home with framing/insulation & foundation using Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Blocks


the latest in green building technology

  • Eliminate the time, expense, and inefficiency of wood framing and fiberglass insulation.

  • Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) do triple duty as foundation, framing, and insulation. 

  • ICFs take less time and fewer materials to install, costing less than wood & fiberglass.

  • ICFs are green, resistant to high winds, fire, and moisture, and will not rot.

  • The high insulation rating of ICFs keeps your home energy efficient.


Innovation Homes uses a proven ICF system from Fox Blocks.


A Home in Westport, WA, being built by Innovation Homes, with Insulated Concrete Forms

Fox Blocks ICFs increase energy efficiency in new schools for many reasons:


  1. Reduced cost of materials
  2. Faster installation = reduced labor costs
  3. High insulation rating reduces utility costs
  4. Environmentally safe materials
  5. Moisture, wind, and fire resistant
  6. Noise reduction for acoustical efficiency


Fox Blocks have not only found their use in schools, but also in restaurants, music studios, wineries, houses of worship, fire stations, 911 centers, dormitories, hotels, office buildings, apartments, and homes.

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