What happens now?

We manage and control all aspects of the build. Our office staff ensures compliance with all local, state, and federal requirements.

Below is a short list of what to expect:  

1. Excavators and earth-moving equipment will make a space for the new foundation.

2. Foundations are framed.

3. Concrete is pumped.

4. Walls and floors are erected.

5. Roof and windows are installed.

6. Exterior doors and building wrap are next.

7. Lock up!

8. Plumbing, electrical, insulation, and mechanical are roughed in.

9. Drywall, interior doors, cabinets, and exterior siding are installed.

10. Finishing touches, paint and final trim trim-out.

It’s a new home! Add a driveway and landscaping and it's move-in ready.



Your new home will uniquely reflect your choices, style, and desired conveniences. All of us at Innovation Homes, as well as all of our trusted sub trades and suppliers, take great pride in every finished home.

In the process, our clients often become like family to whom we feel loyal as well as obligated to produce a finished home that is safe to live in, energy efficient, and full of innovative products that make life easier, reduce maintenance, and are environmentally friendly.




Local Washington architects design and plan your new layout for interior functionality and esthetics, as well as exterior appeal and building efficiency.

Innovation Homes coordinates with you, architects, subcontractors and crews to ensure the latest, most efficient building techniques and products are incorporated in the design.

Our detailed price quotes and our working relationship with talented trades and suppliers ensure smooth  transitions from conception to plans, to permits, to a finished product designed to meet your budget.

We consult with you throughout the process to produce the dream home that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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